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Stay at one of our tranquil guest houses for some rest and relaxation in nature. 

High Hope is a quiet, relaxing, nature focused Ranch where you can retreat from the daily stressors of your life and exist in complete solitude if you so choose. Drink in the exceptional stargazing, miles of hiking trails, and scenic views of the ranch. You can feel the tension of daily life melt away as the quiet tranquility of the land works her magic.

If you're looking for more of a family oriented experience, we've got that covered too! We offer opportunities to meet and feed our farm animals, garden tours, and a Farm Store for you to peruse our homemade goods! From the fossilized dinosaur prints in the Paluxy Riverbed at Dinosaur Valley State Park to the drive through safari experience of Fossil Rim, High Hope is your perfect launch point to experience all our area has to offer! Check out the links below to plan your ideal weekend away. 


We have a very strict no dog policy due to previous events concerning our staff and livestock

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