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We are committed to raising food using
ethical and sustainable methods

High Hope Ranch was donated to the biodynamic organization, Living Lands Trust, in 2022. As partnering stewards of these lands, we conduct the growth of all agriculture under biodynamic standards. We are currently seeking Demeter Certification for all of our edible and herbal products.


We raise our food with the utmost respect and care for the spirits within every plant and animal. Biodynamics not only honors life but also brings more intentionality and spirit into the work we do. Some of this includes planting/tending to animals with the moon and planet cycles, creating biodynamic preparations and spreading them out in the garden/on the land, and creating biodynamic compost. 

        What we raise:

  • Cut flowers and vegetables in a half acre garden for our local co-op 

  • Boer and Nigerian Dwarf goats for meat, milk, and invasive species management

  • Kune Kune pigs for meat

  • Chickens for eggs

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High Hope Ranch has a deeply rich history in spirituality. It is our belief and indeed our most treasured policy that everyone is welcome here, as long as they are kind. Among the many acres of this protected land are several spiritual sites. This page is in dedication and service to the spirit of those sites, this land, and the many people of all different walks of life who come to High Hope for spiritual reflection and solace.

"Hope’s home is at the innermost point in us, and in all things. It is a quality of aliveness. It does not come at the end, as the feeling that results from a happy outcome. Rather, it lies at the beginning, as a pulse of truth that sends us forth. When our innermost being is attuned to this pulse it will send us forth in hope, regardless of the physical circumstances of our lives. Hope fills us with the strength to stay present, to abide in the flow of the Mercy no matter what outer storms assail us. It is entered always and only through surrender; that is, through the willingness to let go of everything we are presently clinging to. And yet when we enter it, it enters us and fills us with its own life—a quiet strength beyond anything we have ever known."


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