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This jelly is a manifestation 7 years in the making. Our farmers Brandi and Robert traveled to Belize in 2015 where they met farmers growing edible hibiscus (Roselle sabdariffa) amongst mayan ruins currently under escavation! These Belizian farmers were growing hibiscus to make pink wine with. Brandi and Robert brought back seeds and grew a little pot of hibiscus on their porch that summer, they've grown it every year since. The leaves are edible raw, but the pods are the real show stoppers! Related to okra and cotton curiously enough, the pods have a slight okra texture when eaten raw. In this case, we grow these heat loving tropical plants amongst 100 million year old amonite fossils, dry the outter layer of the pods and make tea and jelly with it!


The flavor is bright and tangy- like cranberry but less tart. This jelly is lovely spread on toast, added to oatmeal or thumbprint cookies, or mixed into iced tea! Comes in a half pint size

Hibiscus Jelly

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